Sponsor the Girls at Casa Amachay

Sponsor the girls at Casa Amachay

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Casa Amachay is a full residential facility where 12 of our most at risk girls find shelter, rest, care and love. Our girls home occupies orphans, girls who were living in extreme poverty and unsafe environments, as well as those who were at risk of being trafficked or exploited. Without Amparo and God’s provision, many of these girls would be living on the streets, begging for food, and fall prey to abuse of every type imaginable.

Thanks to YOU, they do not have to live like that or be in fear of what could happen. While the costs to care for girl’s in Bolivia is greater than other places, we do not believe that it should stop us in anyway. These girls deserve the same protection, care and opportunities despite the cost. You cannot put a value on the life of a child. We believe God will always provide despite the cost.

The cost to care for a girl in our home is $250/month. Child sponsors and consistent support of the home play a vital role in ensuring the physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs of the girls are met.  Monthly sponsorship of the home is how we achieve this. There is no set amount that we ask an individual to give but rather we ask you to pray about how God is calling you to serve. We are confident that God will bring a family of supporters together to ensure that the girls of Bolivia can find physical refuge as well as refuge in Him.

It is a blessing and an honor to serve the children of Bolivia and we know that you will be blessed by them too.

Casa Amachay: Home of Shelter and Protection in a language that is native to Bolivia.

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Sponsor the girls at Casa Amachay

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I am currently living in the Amparo Home. The community I lived in was very poor and many girls that live there have turned to prostitution as a way to make money.  I had recently dropped out of school because I was very behind and did not have help at home.  Your support means that I never have to go back to that environment and can attend school, live in a safe home and learn about Jesus. Thank you!!