New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

One of the biggest struggle for the girls is to leave the past behind, embrace the present and be hopeful ...
Christmas Service at Church

Christmas service at our local church

On Sunday 26th we had a Christmas service at Church. As Amparo one of our earnest prayers and biggest efforts ...
Project Kitbox

Project Kitbox

During 2021 education was challenging to say the least. Going 100% virtual with 12 girls, most of them, in different ...
A True Christmas Tale, Santa Claus does exist!

A True Christmas Tale, Santa Claus does exist!

When I was young I heard, and believed, that Coca Cola Company made up the Santa Claus story. Thankfully a ...
Thanks Giving Church Service 2021 - Emma's testimony (subtitles in English)


Few days ago we celebrated Thanksgiving. Then Giving Tuesday came. We received so much, we have to say thank you ...
Giving Tuesday Part II

Giving Tuesday Part II

Girls Home: Meet Lila Because of the close walk we can have with the girls who are at our home, ...
Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

We can only praise God for His provision and faithfulness during this year. Jesus was our provision, the strength of ...
Amparo: Sharing Love, Providing Refuge

Sharing Love, Providing Refuge

Amparo is an organization dedicated to ending the exploitation and trafficking of girls in Bolivia ...
December 2019 Child Spotlight

December 2019 Child Spotlight

Carlita aka “Pica” turns 10 this month. She has been in the home for over a year and has adjusted ...

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To end the sexual exploitation and trafficking of girls in Bolivia by providing protection, education, restoration and the love of Jesus.

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