Aquiles Davalos Ruck

Aquiles was born and raised in Bolivia. For almost a decade now Aquiles has been involved in serving youth and children at risk.

He has a bachelor’s degree in commercial engineering and master’s degree in strategic leadership with concentration in sustainable projects, biblical counseling and conflict transformation. Aquiles’ master degree thesis was the engineering of Amparo’s prevention and attention programs. He is also a Haggai graduate and ITL-ALICT alumni (African Leadership Institute for Community Transformation).

Aquiles believes the gospel brings transformation to every single sphere of life, therefore he’s devoted to teaching the Bible, designing and implementing Christ-centered community transformation projects, especially for the most vulnerable ones in his context.  

Loves coffee, reading, always ready for a good hike and indie music.

Aquiles got married to Elsabeth Solomon from Ethiopia in January of 2021 and they live their in Santa Cruz – Bolivia.  

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