Lisa Methvin

Lisa is currently serving on the Board of Directors as the Founder and Treasurer for Amparo. Lisa spent four years in Bolivia from 2016-2020 establishing Amparo’s non-profit status, opening the girls’ home, and managing and creating the community prevention program. Lisa has a strong passion for justice and children who are at risk of being exploited and trafficked. She currently resides in Redmond, Oregon with her two children, Reese, and Levi. Lisa is currently a full-time teacher at Oregon Charter Academy where she has worked with at-risk students and English learners for the last 10 years. Lisa’s primary focus at Amparo will be fundraising and managing the finances from the states but has plans to travel to Bolivia as much as possible as part of her heart still lies there. 

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To end the sexual exploitation and trafficking of girls in Bolivia by providing protection, education, restoration and the love of Jesus.

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