Family Style living for 12 Girls

    1. By design every child is entitled to a loving home where they feel secure and can grow and flourish.  Sadly, with the high rate of abuse in Bolivia, the vast majority of which occurs at school or at home, children do not receive the love and security they deserve.
    2. For most of these children, the abuse and insecurity are viewed as a way of life.  Through our Helping Hands program and partnership with other organizations we work to identify girls at high risk.  In these cases, children are in immediate risk and need to be removed from the family.
    3. Amparo works with the families to help them understand the risks the child is in and the benefits of living in the Amparo home.  When we have built a foundation of trust the family will often agree to release their child to the home.  If the family won’t consent for whatever reason, the government can intervene on our behalf if the child has extenuating circumstances and is willing to share their story.
    4. We work with social workers and the government to bring these children to the home legally.
    5. Amparo homes are designed to create a safe and loving environment.  All house staff are women.  It is important for us to not expose the girls to additional risk of abuse.  Our desire is to create a family type atmosphere and thus our maximum occupancy in the home is 12 girls.
    6. We have a house mom that lives in the home.  Additionally, we have a house aunt that works to assist the house mom on a weekly basis.
    7. Amparo covers all expenses for the child to include medical, dental, education, counseling and spiritual growth.  The families and the government do not support the children.
    8. The children can enter the home between the ages of 6 and 15.  They can live in the home until they are 18.

The average cost per child in a home is $250/month.


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