Girls that need sponsors but are not yet living in the home

    1. The preferred choice for a child is to be raised by loving parents in an environment that is safe and allows them to grow and flourish.  Amparo works to assist families to make this a reality.
    2. Girls in the Helping Hands program are typically at medium risk for exploitation.
    3. Girls that are in the high-risk category but unable to come to the home for whatever reason are often in this program as well.
    4. The Helping hands is designed to create intentional relationships with children.  Amparo works with the child on a weekly basis to ensure open communication built on a foundation of trust.  The goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of a child while promoting a positive family dynamic if possible.
    5. For this program, we make home visits and build relationships with families. Our visits can include homework support, crafts, reading, etc.  We share the gospel and work through biblical based curriculum.  We also monitor academic progress by checking report cards to ensure they are attending school as well as work with the schools and teachers if needed to ensure the child has the best chance for success.
    6. Amparo financially covers all the child’s school supplies, fees, tuition, and transportation if needed.
    7. Helping Hands children receive wellness checkups covered by Amparo.  All necessary medical attention is covered by Amparo.
    8. Holidays are important to children but often when living in extreme poverty they may not even know their own birthday.  Helping Hands children receive a gift and recognition for their birthday and Christmas.
    9. We also have an incentive program for children in Helping Hands.  If a child maintains a C average in all their classes Amparo will take them to a movie to acknowledge their achievement.

The cost per child for this program averages $100 monthly


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