Help for those children that are at lower risk but need financial assistance to go to school.

    1. Children in the Jump Start program are identified as medium risk for exploitation.
    2. This is an entry level program.  This program opens the door for us to create a relationship and learn more about them and the risks they face.
    3. Children who stay in this program have parents that most likely work, but still live in a dangerous community as well as struggle with poverty.
    4. Often the parents of girls in this program understand the importance of education and want their child to attend and do well but simply can’t afford all the costs associated with education.
    5. These families live on less than $250 a month thus sending their child to school is a luxury expense.
    6. An example of basic costs for a child to go to a public school
  • Textbooks: $60
  • School Supplies: $100
  • School Uniform: $35
  • School PE Uniform: $25
  • School Shoes: $25
  • School Tennis Shoes: $25
  • Transportation: $90 yearly
  • School Activities: $90 yearly
  • School Tuition: $50 yearly


  1. Total yearly cost for a child to go to first through sixth grade is approximately $500 yearly. That cost is even greater for girls in 7th grade through graduation.
  2. Amparo only covers a portion of these expenses for children in the Jump Start program.  This is dependent on actual need and risk.
  3. The scholarships provided to these children are typically at the start of the school year and a one-time expense.
  4. These children live in the same communities we visit weekly.  We visit with them as time allows.
  5. If their risk level increases a child in the Jump Start program will often switch to the Helping Hands program.

The cost per child for this program averages $35 monthly.

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