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  • Full Name:Matilde Davalos Ruck
  • Expertise Area:Community Outreach Manager

In 2017 as I was working on a research assignment for my University I learned about the magnitude of sexual exploitation in Bolivia. Numbers revealed that I was living in the most dangerous country for women in South America, and that 1 every 3 girls would go through sexual abuse before she turned 18.

Growing up I was aware of violence against women. I understood it as common struggle for women in Bolivia, regardless of social class or age. Towards the end my time in college, God brought to my attention that the main victims of sexual and physical abuse were girls and the numbers were growing rapidly. At that time, I decided to do a research thesis about the human rights of victims involved in the sex trafficking found in Bolivia.

I still recall the day I was typing the last page of the thesis. I was in tears realizing no one, not the Government or the law system, had been able to protect infants from horrible and devastating situations. Thus, I had a strong conviction God was calling me to work with women in Bolivia.

6 months later I had the opportunity to work full time at Amparo. God changed my perspective on loving people, preaching the gospel, and being his hands and feet on earth.

I'm currently working in Amparo's Outreach Program, visiting communities near and in Santa Cruz where there's a high percentage of at-risk girls. I work on developing strategies to most effectively help them overcome poverty, illiteracy and to prevent them from being exploited and trafficked.