29 December 2021

Project Kitbox

During 2021 education was challenging to say the least. Going 100% virtual with 12 girls, most of them, in different grades, with different learning styles, backgrounds and a very reduced space. We were crystal clear we needed professional help.
Then Project Kitbox was born as an educational project. Designed to develop internal capabilities in the girls for them to thrive educationally. Internal capabilities such as: logical thinking, emotional intelligence, priority identification, study techniques, development of habits, etc.

But we still needed somebody to run it. So the Lord provided Ciara, a perfect fit. She studied psychology at Denison University in the States. Ciara did a short term internship with us last year. In the process she realized psychopedagogy is her passion and what she wants to do the rest of her life. She’s an outstanding professional and has a heart to serve. When the virtual classes challenge came out she was ready for it. Even though we could pay her probably 30% of what she could make in another organization.

In the following video you will be able to hear Ciara’s experience with ‘Project Kitbox’ in the Amparo Home and how it was transformative for her also.
Mutual transformation as we like to call it in Amparo. 


Ciara is one of the ways the Lord provided for Amparo this year. As we look back we can definitely say it was a successful school year for the girls. Despite the curl ball they were thrown they hit a home run. Now as we are getting ready to face similar challenges in 2022 we want to invite you to donate. With your donations we can overcome the challenges and continue with the transformation.

 You can find all of our videos in our VIMEO site.

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