Amparo’s board is the international part of the Amparo family. Based in the United States, the board has a fundraising, decision making and transparency role. They also advise and bring spiritual support to the Bolivian staff, as well as keeping them accountable.

David Weir


Lisa Methvin


Nathan Mitterling


Jeff Coffman

Board Member

Stephanie Bieberich


Our staff in Bolivia is the part of Amparo in direct contact with the girls we work with. They all have a long term commitment and recognize God has called them to be serving at Amparo. They carry out day to day operations and are in touch with the girls constantly. We are honored to have a beautiful blend of ages, walks of life and areas of expertise. At Amparo we are seeking a true family environment, 100% of our staff is national. 

Aquiles Davalos Ruck

National Director

Matilde Davalos Ruck

Community Outreach Manager

Rosmery Avendaño

Social Worker

Diego Cuellar Kormann

Operations and Financial Manager

Rosio Soledad

Girl’s Home Psychologist

Yancarla Villca

Girl’s Home Weekend Aunt

Angelica Guzman

Girl’s Home Aunt

Vanessa Pericuello

Girl’s Home Aunt

Permanent Volunteers

They are key part of our manpower on the ground. They give voluntarily up to 20 hours a week and have a mid-term commitment with Amparo. It’s important to note that almost all our staff began as volunteers. Then, in time, God confirmed their calling. Their service progressed and decided to commit to long term service.

Raquel Malagon

Jhan Carla Jordan

Brayan Montalvan

Belen Ibarra

Sdenka Justiniano

Fany Silva

Daniel Callau

Paul Saravia

Elsa Solomon


We are blessed to have really talented people serving purely out of love. Without our volunteers we would not be able to carry out all we do. Between ten and twenty young people give of their time freely without any economic return. University students, doctors, teachers, photographers, graphic designers and the list continues. 

We need your help to end the sexual exploitation and trafficking of girls in Bolivia

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To end the sexual exploitation and trafficking of girls in Bolivia by providing protection, education, restoration and the love of Jesus.

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