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Our Mission at Amparo

To end the sexual exploitation and trafficking of girls in Bolivia by providing protection, education, restoration and the love of Jesus.

Amparo: Shelter or Refuge

Transformative Purpose

Amparo exists to bring abundance where there was once poverty in the lives of bolivian girls. We understand poverty as needs that are not met. We work to satisfy spiritual, emotional, physical and legal needs. 

To do so, we have two programs that address the needs of the girls we works with. 

We work to replicate our organizational model so it will be applicable in places where there are girls who are experiencing different types of poverty.  

Sharing Love Providing Refuge


Love:  Love God, love the girls, love one another as a community. 

Justice: Restore justice in all the areas of the girls’ lives where it was taken away from.

Community: Create a community of faith, a family for the girls, for our staff and the ones around us. 

Hope: Set our hope in eternity and the work God has begun in the girl’s lives and in the community.  

Morality: God has stablished moral boundaries that rule the entire universe.  

Service: To give is better than to receive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Common Questions

What does Amparo do in a nutshell?

Amparo exists to attend and protect girls who are suffering violence, especially sexual violence.  We also work to prevent violence from happening to more girls. All these to show God’s love and help the girls we work with to become disciples of Jesus.

What does success look like for Amparo?

We see success as the girls living abundant lives. An abundant life is one which has healthy relationships mainly in four areas. Vertically with God through Jesus (spiritual life). Horizontally with other people (family and social life). Inside with self (inner or psychological life) and outside with nature and what God created (economic life).

Why trafficking and sexual exploitation?

 We will achieve nothing if we pursue everything. Being specific and staying focused has proven for several reasons to bring better results. The victims of violence in general and sexual violence in specific in Bolivia are overwhelmingly women and children, being young girls the intersection of both. Understanding they are the most vulnerable people group from the Bolivian context is why we decided to work only with girls.

Get Involved and help us end sexual exploitation in Bolivia.

You can get involved by praying, joining us for a vision or mission trip or donating. 

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To end the sexual exploitation and trafficking of girls in Bolivia by providing protection, education, restoration and the love of Jesus.

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