Computer system Business Centers

A business center at a hotel is often the area wherever hotel guests can gain access to business…

Sharing Love, Providing Refuge

Amparo is an organization dedicated to ending the exploitation and trafficking of girls in Bolivi…

December 2019 Child Spotlight

Carlita aka “Pica” turns 10 this month. She has been in the home for over a year and has adjusted…

December 2019 Community Update

In 2019, our Jump Start program opened many doors that allowed us to get to know new families and…

Life changing impact of the Girl’s home

March of 2019 marks a full year since the Amparo home opened. I have to say it came upon us rathe…

Yapacani Outreach

  In October of 2018 we received a call from a city council member in Yapacani, a city ab…

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  • Santa Cruz, Bolivia

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To end the sexual exploitation and trafficking of girls in Bolivia by providing protection, education, restoration and the love of Jesus.

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