19 December 2019

December 2019 Child Spotlight

Carlita aka “Pica” turns 10 this month.

She has been in the home for over a year and has adjusted extremely well. She comes to us from one of the indigenous communities that we work in named the Ayoreo’s. Carlita mom died when she was young, and she never had a relationship with her Father. She lived with her Grandmother who was struggling to survive. They frequently begged on the streets and sold candy for money.

We feel so blessed that Carlita’s Grandmother made the touch decision to allow her to live in Casa Amachay. She knew this was a better choice for her as she could not provide. Carlita is growing and thriving. Carlita had never attended school before and she just completed her first full year! While it was challenging, she persevered and worked hard to catch up. Carlita is a funny, easy going child and it is a pleasure to have her in Casa Amachay.

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