19 December 2019

December 2019 Community Update

In 2019, our Jump Start program opened many doors that allowed us to get to know new families and girls in need. The Jump Start program offers scholarships for girls to buy the materials they need to go to school.

Recently, one of our newer families commented on how their daughters would not have been able to go to school without Amparo’s help. This program is truly making a difference! Thanks to many of you, we were able to raise enough money for 100 scholarship! This means that 100 girls will be able to go to school next year with everything that they need. We are so blessed by your giving and commitment to educating girls in Bolivia.

One exciting plan we have for the upcoming year is to start a tutoring program in one of the poorest communities in Santa Cruz. Since children in public schools only attend half day, they are sent home with a larger load of homework. For many of our girls, their families cannot help. Reading, writing and basic math skills are difficult for many of the parents and guardians. With the support of the local church in this community we will have a space for children to come and receive help with their homework. For many of our girls who are at medium risk (Helping Hands program) this will be of great benefit to them. Many of them our failing in areas simply because they don’t have the help. Please be in prayer for our tutoring center and that girls would be receptive to the help and that they will find joy in learning.




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