29 November 2021

Giving Tuesday

We can only praise God for His provision and faithfulness during this year. Jesus was our provision, the strength of our team, the light of our soul and the liveliness of our mind.

As with most nonprofit organizations, when 2021 started we had countless challenges left by the pandemic and other difficult circumstances. Yet looking back at how the events unfolded we can only be amazed by God’s provision and faithfulness. Throughout 2021, God reminded us that Amparo belongs to Him. It was such a  privilege to be part of His great plan for the young girls in Bolivia. 

Let’s rewind how God blessed Amparo in 2021

Community Outreach Program: 

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5 

One of the main challenges our Community Outreach Program faces is sending the girls we work with back to their homes, although each home is different, all include some type of safety issue. Part of our outreach program includes after school tutoring or small group discipleship. One of the main goals of this program is to prevent girls from being forced into sextrade by giving them options and a firm Biblical foundation. We provide a healthy influence on them when, most of them are neglected and hurt by the adults who are supposed to protect and look after them at home.

Meet Sofi.

One of the girls in our Community Outreach Program is Sofi.  During 2021 we invested nearly 7 hours a week with her.  We met at  least twice a week. We first met Sofi because her cousins have been part of the Amparo family for several years invited her to one of our activities. Since day one, Sofi has won our hearts with her bubbly personality and loud laugh. She is one of our youngest girls but is developing into quite the leader. She is gifted in debating and persuading people to follow her. 

Sofi was born and raised in a very dysfunctional community surrounded by darkness. The darkness there invades the homes of the girls and seems to control the will of the people who live in it. During one of our weekly family visits, Sofi’s aunt disclosed to us her grandfather had sexually abused many women in her family, Sofi included. When we heard the story, we were stunned for a moment.  We thought how could our little bubbly girl be a victim of such a horrific experience? Nothing can really prepare you for the moment when reality runs you over like a truck.  We are reminded of the brokenness of humanity. How can a great-grandfather do such horrible things to his great-granddaughter? 

We believe God can make beauty out of any situation. Over the past months we have walked Sofi through the grief process and are committed to see her though this healing journey. At Amparo, we have a psychologist on staff, something she would never have access to in the village where these horrible things happened to her.  We were also able to offer biblical counselling for her mom and aunt. We want take action to ensure the sexual abuse doesn’t happen again by helping build a family network that will work against the recurrence of such horrors within Sofi’s family. Thanks to the Lord, Sofi is healing more and more each day and getting to know Jesus by seeing the work we do.  Thanks to people like you we are able to offer her a safe place.  

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5

Would you like to be part of Sofi’s redemption story? 

Be ready! Tomorrow you will receive a second story.

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