03 May 2019

Life changing impact of the Girl’s home

March of 2019 marks a full year since the Amparo home opened. I have to say it came upon us rather quickly and some of the girls had to remind us that they had been in the home a full year! The reminder allowed me to take a moment to reflect about how much these girls had changed and how different their lives were just a short year ago. They went from living in one of the most dangerous cities in the country, not knowing where their next meal would come from and feeling terrified to walk to school into a loving home where they didn’t have to worry about any of this anymore. To have the ability to watch them grow, learn and change has been a joy and a blessing beyond words. Even though there are daily challenges and times where the enemy sneaks in and tries to destroy what He has created, He reminds us that He is still here and in control.


Besides being utterly thankful for our one-year anniversary, we all have been keeping very busy. The school year started for our girls in February. Its always a tricky time trying to get them all enrolled and settled in a classroom. Public schools here are very unlike US schools in that they can reject students if the classrooms are full. February is month full of prayers to ensure we get all our girls in the same schools. Praise God that He was able to make it all happen.

The girls in the home have been blessed with a slough of visitors the past few months as well a couple of mission teams from Canada and the States. Its an enormous blessing to have so many people come love on them, share Jesus and have fun with them.

We’ve also had birthdays and a big quinceañera party! We are so thankful that God was able to provide to give our girls a special moment on their special day. Most of them have never celebrated their birthdays to any capacity. Some didn’t even know when their birthdays were, so to have a cake and a gift is a huge deal for them. We have been blessed to have volunteers come to the home to decorate, play birthday games and fill piñatas.

The next coming months the girls are looking forward to church camp, the schools winter break and a dental team coming. All of our girls are in desperate need of dental work so we are extremely thankful for the volunteers that will be coming.


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