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Amparo’s Community Outreach Program is a set of strategies, projects, plans and activities that aim to provide tools and strengthen capacities of girls and adolescents, between 6 and 16 years old, who are at high and medium risk of being victims of sexual violence. Girls and adolescents living in vulnerable regions, communities with high rates of violence, poor access to basic services and education, and high levels of illicit substance abuse.

Each component of the program is designed from different perspectives and disciplines to have a holistic approach to the reality of girls and adolescents, so that they can respond positively in a negative environment. The program promotes comprehensive development (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) and seeks to foster resilience in girls and adolescents, all so that they know God as Father and their own intrinsic value as a reflection of the God who created them.


    Help for those children that are at lower risk but need financial assistance to go to school.

    This program opens the door for us to create relationships and learn more about the children and the risks they face. Children who stay in this program have parents that most likely work, but still live in dangerous communities and struggle with poverty.

    Helping children and families succeed

    Often the parents of girls in this program understand the importance of education and want their child to attend and do well but simply can’t afford all the costs associated with education. These families live on less than $250 a month thus sending their child to school is a luxury expense.

    Children in the Jump Start program are identified as medium risk for exploitation. An example of basic costs for a child to go to a public school:

    • Textbooks: $60
    • School Supplies: $100
    • School Uniform: $35
    • School PE Uniform: $25
    • School Shoes: $25
    • School Tennis Shoes: $25
    • Transportation: $90 yearly
    • School Activities: $90 yearly
    • School Tuition: $50 yearly

    Total yearly cost for a child to go to first through sixth grade is approximately $500 yearly. That cost is even greater for girls in 7th grade through graduation. Amparo only covers a portion of these expenses for children in the Jump Start program.  This is dependent on actual need and risk.

    The scholarships provided to these children are typically at the start of the school year and a one-time expense. These children live in the same communities we visit weekly. If their risk level increases a child in the Jump Start program will often switch to the Helping Hands program.


    Girls that need immediate help and close follow up

    Girls in the Helping Hands program are typically at medium risk for exploitation. We also have girs that are in the high-risk category but unable to come to a home for whatever reason are often in this program as well.

    For this program, we make home visits to build relationships with families. We also give school tutoring once per week and teach a variety of workshops to equip the girls with soft skills. Our visits and tutoring can include : Homework support, crafts, reading, etc. We share the gospel and work through biblical based curriculum. We also monitor academic progress by checking report cards to ensure they are attending school as well as work with the schools and teachers if needed to ensure the child has the best chance for success.

    Each month we give classes of different subjects as sewing, painting, cooking, etc.

    Amparo financially covers all the child’s school supplies, fees, tuition, and transportation if needed.  Helping Hands children receive wellness checkups covered by Amparo. All necessary medical attention is covered by Amparo.

    Holidays are important to children but often when living in extreme poverty they may not even know their own birthday. Helping Hands children receive a gift and recognition for their birthday and Christmas. We also have an incentive program for children in Helping Hands. If a child maintains a C average in all their classes, Amparo will take them to a movie to acknowledge their achievement.


Jump Start

Find Answers to Common Questions

How does Amparo decide if a child is in high, medium or low risk?

According to studies done in Asia, Central America and five years of experience working in Bolivia, Amparo has seen that there are six risk factors that expose girls to be vulnerable to sexual abuse and human trafficking:

  • Dysfunctional families
  • Extreme poverty
  • Lack or no access to education and no satisfation of basic needs  
  • Verbal, physical o sexual abuse 
  • Addctions 
  • Other  measurable indicators
Are there any boys in Jump Start?

Amparo’s target is mainly girls, but since Bolivian culture is a collective culture, siblings do not separate and when one of them is at risk so is the other one. No boys are admitted to our programs but they are part of the tutoring classes, we teach them the gospel  and they attend electives as well.

How often do kids who are in Jump Start go to Helping Hands?

Not that often, mobility from Jump Start to Helping Hands is 20% per year. Since the girls who are in Jump Start attend the elective and tutoring classes we get to see them and learn if they have been exposed to more risk factors that jeopardize their security.


Helping Hands

Find Answers to Common Questions

Help! Should I donate to Jumpt Start or Helping Hands?

Both projects assist girls who are in need and are vulnerable to being sexually abused. Helping Hands girls are exposed to more risk factors than Jump Start, but if Amparo has the means to find the girls before they are too exposed to sexual abuse, the abuse can prevented and the consequences lessen.  So, both projects are important, it all depends where your heart is inclined to help. 

In what way does my donation help the girls?

Depending on the program you decide to support you will be providing for the following needs:

Red Code:

School tutoring

School supplies, fees, tuition

School transportation (if needed)

Medical attention

Elective classes (painting, cooking, sewing, soccer)

Birthday gifts

Christmas gifts

Yellow Code:

School tutoring

School supplies, fees, tuition

School transportation (if needed)

Elective classes (painting, cooking, sewing, soccer)

Can I get specific information about the girls to track their progress?

Yes, you may have specific information about a girl if you are touched by her story and want to support her. You may request updates and will receive a monthly report of her progress. 

All information is personal and confidential, so we ask all donnors who desire to receive updates on a specific girl to not reveal her identity to others when sharing her story.

We need your help to end the sexual exploitation and trafficking of girls in Bolivia

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